Staplebread baking – what’s it all about?

It’s been over a year since I commenced a Pinterest board listing a ‘bread’ for each country. The list took some months to put together in between work, family and other commitments. On my phone I constantly had a browser tab open with the wikipedia list of countries and a tab or two (or five) describing the cuisine of the current country under research so I could work my way through the list in a spare 5 minutes here or there. Some countries have barely any information on their cuisine on the web. Others have thousands of books on their cuisine and wading my way through them was time-consuming. Of course, making a list just for the sake of it was never the point; I had planned to start baking my way through the list sometime in the future.

That time is now.

The original list has 175 breads. That’s a lot of bread. That’s a lot of hours of baking. I’m keen to explore the full list over time but in the interests of my time (I don’t want to bake everyday) and the waistlines of my taste test team, I have broken the master list down by continents. I’m spending some time in Europe right now and will commence there. I am hoping that I can find all of the ingredients I need in my local shops.

And what is on the list? Well, if I told you, there would be no surprise for the blog posts! Stay tuned.


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