The staplebread challenge

For each bread baked, I will do my best to be true to the chosen recipe – both its ingredients and method. Sometimes, this will be difficult: I may not be able to source the exact ingredients and I’m working from a standard home kitchen.

To make it a little more fun, I will report on the finished bread and score each bread with the help of my taste test team*:

  • Faithfulness to recipe (Exact recipe / Minor modifications / Well, I did my best)
  • Met expectations? (Yes / No)
  • Would cook again? (Yes / No)
  • The taste test rated on a score of 5

Taste test team:

  • Me
  • Husband (bread lover and harsh critic. If he asks for more though, it’s got to be at least a 3/5!)
  • Daughter (pre-school – fellow bread lover, especially if it resembles cake)
  • Son (toddler – gets hangry and is starting to like bread more and more)

And the final challenge is to keep the bread baking activities frequent enough so that I get through the list but not too frequently that we suffer a gluten overload.


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