50 European breads…

I’ve finally finished baking staple breads of Europe. 50 in total.

What have I learnt?

  • Rising times really are a guide only.
  • Breads with high rye flour content are tricky to master and can easily end up too hard.
  • Breads with seeds are generally tasty.
  • My kids really enjoyed seeing and tasting the different breads and seeing the various cooking processes.
  • There really is something to be said for the effect of gluten. Sometimes after eating a yeast, long-rise bread I feel like the bread is still expanding in my stomach. Eeurgh. Hello post-bread bloat 😦
  • Anyone can make bread. Every single one of these recipes I tried for the first time and mostly they turned out edible and sometimes even exceptionally so. Try it yourself!

And boy did I get through some of the ingredients. Maybe I should have bought that 20kg bag of flour. How much of those staple breads’ staple ingredients have I used. Here is the final tally.

Ingredient Amount
Flours (all types – plain/all-purpose, cake, rye, barley, corn, buckwheat, spelt) 28 kg
Instant Yeast 305 g
Sugar 2.9 kg
Eggs 44
Butter 1.8 kg
Milk 7.8 L

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