SPAIN – Churros

Yes, there were other breads from Spain but churros seem to be quite a favourite staple snack in Madrid (at least they are marketed that way at tourists!). Recipe chosen for churros and chocolate sauce Cooking method: Frypan/deep fry Rating: Faithfulness to recipe: Yes, though I used two recipes. I also halved the chocolate sauce amount as I thought it … More SPAIN – Churros

SLOVENIA – Belokranjska Pogača (salted cake)

This is another bread with the name, Pogača (like the Serbian bread I recently baked) but this one turned out drier. That was to be expected considering the amount of margarine in the Serbian version compared with the small amount of oil for this bread. Recipe chosen for Belokranjska Pogača Cooking method: Oven Rating: Faithfulness to … More SLOVENIA – Belokranjska Pogača (salted cake)

ROMANIA – Tară Pâine – country bread

  Corn and polenta seem to be very popular in Romanian cuisine, so it was no surprise that this bread included cornmeal. What was a surprise was that it baked really well. The last times I’ve used cornmeal I have been less than impressed. Recipe chosen for Tară Pâine Cooking method: Oven Rating: Faithfulness to recipe: Yes, … More ROMANIA – Tară Pâine – country bread