KOSOVO – Pitalke

This bread was (and still is) a bit of a mystery. I found this bread referenced under various names – pitalke, samuni, prizren bread – and couldn’t seem to get a consistent description or image of what I was meant to make. So, until I go to Kosovo, I’m not sure what I have made … More KOSOVO – Pitalke


  Recipe chosen for shelpek Cooking method: frypan Rating: Faithfulness to recipe: Yes Met expectations? Yes.  Would cook again? Possibly, however it was very similar to the bulgarian mekitsi. The taste test rated on a score of 5: 3.5 Recipe Ingredients The recipe uses “pialas” as a measurement. I’ve translated it to cups. 4 cups of flour 1.5 cups pialas … More KAZAKHSTAN – Shelpek

ICELAND – Flatkaka

This was a very interesting bread to cook. I’ve never eaten anything like it before: a rye flat bread that is somewhere between and pancake and a tortilla in it’s lightness. Recipe chosen for flatkaka Cooking method: Oven Rating: Faithfulness to recipe: Yes Met expectations? Well, I didn’t really have any expectations on taste and texture, only to … More ICELAND – Flatkaka