UKRAINE – Bubliky

  I’ve made bagels before (and enjoyed them) but I haven’t had a recipe that tested quite like this one. I’m thinking that the milk and oil and vanilla sugar combined to make the flavour difference. Recipe chosen for bubliky Cooking method: Oven Rating: Faithfulness to recipe: Yes, although we only used 2 tbs sugar instead of … More UKRAINE – Bubliky

ROMANIA – Tară Pâine – country bread

  Corn and polenta seem to be very popular in Romanian cuisine, so it was no surprise that this bread included cornmeal. What was a surprise was that it baked really well. The last times I’ve used cornmeal I have been less than impressed. Recipe chosen for Tară Pâine Cooking method: Oven Rating: Faithfulness to recipe: Yes, … More ROMANIA – Tară Pâine – country bread

ITALY – Ciabatta

Beautiful ciabatta: crusty on the outside, soft and sour on the inside and look at that texture! Excellent on it’s own just warm from the oven, or – as we later had it – with some olive oil, cheese and fresh tomatoes. What a shame that we didn’t have fresh basil as well. Recipe chosen … More ITALY – Ciabatta

GERMANY – Pretzeln

Whenever I’ve visited Germany, I’ve always sought out the bakeries for the fresh pretzels and especially the laugenbrezel type. These pretzels taste quite specific and I was keen to see if I could recreate the taste and texture. Happily, with the right recipe and carefully reading, they turned out. Recipe chosen for pretzels Cooking method: Oven … More GERMANY – Pretzeln