LATVIA – Rupjmaize

This recipe was very simple in it’s ingredients and it’s instructions. So simple in fact that it was too hard to know what I was exactly meant to do to get a decent bread out of it! Recipe chosen for rupjmaize Cooking method: Oven Rating: Faithfulness to recipe: Yes Met expectations? Yes, and no. It was a … More LATVIA – Rupjmaize

ITALY – Ciabatta

Beautiful ciabatta: crusty on the outside, soft and sour on the inside and look at that texture! Excellent on it’s own just warm from the oven, or – as we later had it – with some olive oil, cheese and fresh tomatoes. What a shame that we didn’t have fresh basil as well. Recipe chosen … More ITALY – Ciabatta

GERMANY – Pretzeln

Whenever I’ve visited Germany, I’ve always sought out the bakeries for the fresh pretzels and especially the laugenbrezel type. These pretzels taste quite specific and I was keen to see if I could recreate the taste and texture. Happily, with the right recipe and carefully reading, they turned out. Recipe chosen for pretzels Cooking method: Oven … More GERMANY – Pretzeln

DENMARK – Pumpernickel (rugbrød)

Another rye bread, and from northern Europe, there will be more to come. We served this when we had guests over, so we topped it with various cheeses and smoked meats. Yum! Recipe chosen for Danish Pumpernickle Cooking method: Oven Rating: Faithfulness to recipe: I had to substitute honey for treacle, unfortunately. I wouldn’t recommend it. Met … More DENMARK – Pumpernickel (rugbrød)