UKRAINE – Bubliky

  I’ve made bagels before (and enjoyed them) but I haven’t had a recipe that tested quite like this one. I’m thinking that the milk and oil and vanilla sugar combined to make the flavour difference. Recipe chosen for bubliky Cooking method: Oven Rating: Faithfulness to recipe: Yes, although we only used 2 tbs sugar instead of … More UKRAINE – Bubliky

TURKEY – Gözleme

“Yum! I love this”, said my daughter. I haven’t actually made these before but she has tasted them a long time ago and is a fan of Balkan pite with spinach. Who can argue when a child wants to eat Spinach?! Recipe chosen for Gözleme Cooking method: Frypan Rating: Faithfulness to recipe: Yes. Met expectations? Yes. Would cook … More TURKEY – Gözleme


Another butter soft bread. It was almost a given that as long as I pulled this new recipe off, the taste test team would rate it highly. Recipe chosen for Zopf Cooking method: Oven Rating: Faithfulness to recipe: Yes Met expectations? Yes, though it was harder to braid then I thought. The dough wanted to grow in … More SWITZERLAND – Zopf

SLOVENIA – Belokranjska Pogača (salted cake)

This is another bread with the name, Pogača (like the Serbian bread I recently baked) but this one turned out drier. That was to be expected considering the amount of margarine in the Serbian version compared with the small amount of oil for this bread. Recipe chosen for Belokranjska Pogača Cooking method: Oven Rating: Faithfulness to … More SLOVENIA – Belokranjska Pogača (salted cake)